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Global Lighthouse Shipping Company recognizing the urgency of delivering ship spares on time has taking the requisite training and has endowed its team with the expertise needed to deliver a speedy, reliable and efficient service regarding ship spares.

To exceed expectation in the area of clearance and delivery, Global Lighthouse Shipping offers the whole supply chain from freight forwarding, warehousing and global “door-to-deck” delivery service for ship spares and marine parts to desired destinations.

Our practice of minimizing downtime for maintenance and repairs has proven our knowledge and expertise to handle the time-critical and highly complex business of ship spares logistics. We make it our responsibility and make all efforts to transport ship spares to deck at a cost effective pricing.

  • Deliver the highest possible service in the logistics and maritime industry to enhance economic growth.
  • Provide the best of ship agency service to shipping agencies around the globe.
  • Offer a superior global solutions suite in the maritime, transport and logistics industry.
  • Improve cost performance to clients.
  • Raise brand awareness and efficiency among our clients.
  • Acquire offices in all regions of Ghana and worldwide, so as to meet customers need from any part of the country and beyond.

Our vision is to become a worldwide leader in the marine and logistics industry, providing efficient services to customers.

Global Lighthouse Company’s mission is to use our entire global strength, experience, knowledge of logistics and maritime activities to provide the best of service to our customers both local and worldwide of any size.

  • Team Work
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Consistency

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