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Global Lighthouse Shipping offers a dependable ship crew change service, which guarantees a smooth embarking and disembarking of crews from vessels/ ships at required and expected places in a timely manner.

Crew off sign and on sign Starts when our well-resourced team; welcomes your good crew at the airport/port, assist with customs, immigration formalities and visa matters, transport your crew in a comfortable vehicle, lodge your crew in a hotel you recommend, and if necessary assist them with their medicals. All these are done by our team of expert and come with cost effective price. Our customers and other economic stakeholders get the full value for investing in our service.

  • Deliver the highest possible service in the logistics and maritime industry to enhance economic growth.
  • Provide the best of ship agency service to shipping agencies around the globe.
  • Offer a superior global solutions suite in the maritime, transport and logistics industry.
  • Improve cost performance to clients.
  • Raise brand awareness and efficiency among our clients.
  • Acquire offices in all regions of Ghana and worldwide, so as to meet customers need from any part of the country and beyond.

Our vision is to become a worldwide leader in the marine and logistics industry, providing efficient services to customers.

Global Lighthouse Company’s mission is to use our entire global strength, experience, knowledge of logistics and maritime activities to provide the best of service to our customers both local and worldwide of any size.

  • Team Work
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Consistency

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