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Global Lighthouse Shipping offers exceptional crew members to all prospective vessels/ships all over the world.

Candidates offered by Global Lighthouse Shipping are well trained, holding necessary licenses /documentations and recognized endorsement. We take on the responsibility to make sure the crews we offer are of the best behavior, with the right education and have the requisite professional training and experience in multinational crews’ world.

In supplying skilled personnel to companies in shipping industry, we communicate with clients to clearly understand the job profile of the Corporates and the matching requisites of candidates. We also place advertisements in newspapers if so requested by clients. And in bridging the need gap, we arrange meetings between potential and candidates so as to give them a chance to do a frank appraisal of the candidates.

We are able to provide candidates for all jobs including qualified Masters, Ch. Engineers, Deck/Engine Officers, mechanical engineers, engineers specialized in pumps, motormen, welders, electrical engineers with electronics back-grounds, hydraulic engineers, mechanical foremen, laboratory assistants, engineers specialized in oil and gas and the likes. As an added advantage, we make it our business to follow the crew right through to the end of voyage. In event of a challenge, we provide the best follow up to ensure ensuring they fulfill their obligations as required under the contract.

  • Deliver the highest possible service in the logistics and maritime industry to enhance economic growth.
  • Provide the best of ship agency service to shipping agencies around the globe.
  • Offer a superior global solutions suite in the maritime, transport and logistics industry.
  • Improve cost performance to clients.
  • Raise brand awareness and efficiency among our clients.
  • Acquire offices in all regions of Ghana and worldwide, so as to meet customers need from any part of the country and beyond.

Our vision is to become a worldwide leader in the marine and logistics industry, providing efficient services to customers.

Global Lighthouse Company’s mission is to use our entire global strength, experience, knowledge of logistics and maritime activities to provide the best of service to our customers both local and worldwide of any size.

  • Team Work
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Consistency

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