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GL Shipping manages and oversees the activities of charterers’ agent on behalf of vessel or ship owners. Working in the interest of our principals, we make sure the right procedures are followed to enhance the effective and efficient functioning of the vessel.

As Protective Agents, GL Shipping protects ship owners in countless circumstances through our third party liability insurance cover. This insurance covers unforeseen events including but not limited to missing cargoes, damaged properties, personal injuries and minor accidents, loss of personal effects, fines and compensation due to pollution.

Services offered by GL Shipping as a ship protective agent to enhance fast yet sterling results includes
  • Providing independent report
  • Complete involvement in port calls
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable tariffs with reference to proforma D/A submitted by head agents.
  • Checking receipt of imbursements made to head agents and owners funds.
  • Reporting on vessel/cargo status, as expected
  • Examining cargo documents that is the statement of facts (SOF) and time sheets to notify owners of inconsistencies, or otherwise issue letters of protest
  • Signing Bills of Lading

  • We are ardent to provide 24 hours, yearlong service of interest to any stakeholder without compromising the quality of service.

    • Deliver the highest possible service in the logistics and maritime industry to enhance economic growth.
    • Provide the best of ship agency service to shipping agencies around the globe.
    • Offer a superior global solutions suite in the maritime, transport and logistics industry.
    • Improve cost performance to clients.
    • Raise brand awareness and efficiency among our clients.
    • Acquire offices in all regions of Ghana and worldwide, so as to meet customers need from any part of the country and beyond.

    Our vision is to become a worldwide leader in the marine and logistics industry, providing efficient services to customers.

    Global Lighthouse Company’s mission is to use our entire global strength, experience, knowledge of logistics and maritime activities to provide the best of service to our customers both local and worldwide of any size.

    • Team Work
    • Reliability
    • Integrity
    • Consistency

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